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Her name is probably Reina or Reika. Ray is the nickname she picked up when she did a homestay in America when she was in middle school, and she likes to use the name in international situations ever since. Although, if you're interested in a girl based off of a one word profile, it sounds like you're just looking to get laid. In which case, you should join okcupid and just do short-term dating with a foreign English teacher.

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Foreign women who didn't plan on being celibate for a year would probably appreciate the company if you're a good guy. Edit 2: I've given that advice times, and I almost always get downvoted for it. I suppose few people like the insinuation that there are lonely expats in Japan. And even fewer people like the idea that there can be two people of the opposite gender who are interested in short-term relationships.

If I had a dollar for every time an expat guy assumed I was sex starved in Japan because they made the same bs assumptions about Japanese guys that you have I think there is a lot of validity to what you're saying. And I definitely can't speak for your experience.

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I definitely can admit that I was generalizing too much though. I shouldn't have said "Foreign women have a hard time dating here" as to blanket every single foreign women in Japan. But I think we both agree that the inverse wouldn't be true, either. In other words, there are definitely foreign women in Japan who have a hard time connecting with Japanese guys even for short-term relationships.

If anyone said getting laid should come right after marriage, you are really innocent than your average good white christian boy who attends church every other day.

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I've used the gold membership for a month and it's fine. I realized I've gotten more likes and often more messages. Became friends with them in LINE some were looking for friends instead of dating and still this day. Use of this site constitutes acceptance of our User Agreement and Privacy Policy.

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