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Last edited by FearlessMiscer; at Originally Posted by FearlessMiscer. Originally Posted by boon LOL so what were you searching that brought up "meeting gay bodybuilders" in the personals section? Great to hear that. Originally Posted by younggaymuscle. Anyone in Nottingham? I want to make some new friends in Nottingham. Originally Posted by RickUK.

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I live in the DC area, and the freakiest ones are the Secret Service. Over the top need to be dominated. I've briefly dated three of them. All were still very closeted. The only bigger freak I dated was a Virginia State Trooper that wanted to be punched hard in the stomach and kicked in the balls. I drew the line at that. Also, that bastard ran my plates when we first met to verify my name and age, which pissed me off when he told me. I think the bodybuilding can be a way of compensating for internalized homophobia.

They can't reconcile their masculinity with being a natural bottom though as R4 said, it doesn't have to equal submissiveness, but many can't separate the two. R8, my real one.


Don't care if you believe me or not. Go meet some people, get out into the real world, try going on a few dates - meet some of these guys we're talking about and find out for yourself. OP asks a question. First couple comments are snarky insults at OP. Some people give OP honest responses.

Some trolls post a bunch of bullshit. Then commenters leave snarky comments about how they don't believe any of the comments from people who have any kind of life. If it's a thread about troubles and someone complains about their life and says they think of suicide, the commenters tell them that they are right and that they should do it.

No one believes anyone. Nothing is accomplished. A few people are mildly entertained and helped with wasting another night in front of the computer.

End of thread. Rinse and repeat. If you work on making your gluts and legs hard and muscled, then shave them, you need to have them licked and fucked. R16 You make these threads sound so trivial and depressing. That is not part of the standard DL thread template. Then some know-it-all posts a snarky summary of the whole thread as metacommentary, trying to show how he's above it all.

That only happens once in awhile R I did leave out though the obligatory male celebrity mentions and the folks saying that he's gay, has a beard, their roommate stuffed a gerbil up his ass, etc. Bodybuilders are passive in relation to the weights that they lift. If you think about it, your avg. Oh c'mon, if you can't talk shit about Muscle Mary gays at DL, we might as well turn off the Intermess - it's over. They're not that creative, and Muscle Queens have a lot in common with Labiarians.

I've been into bodybuilding for over ten years. Just love to be dominated by a cute skinny guy with a massive cock.

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Also, muscular guys know how to use their butt muscles to squeeze on your dick, I love it. There are just more bottoms than tops in the world If OP replaced the word "bodybuilders" for "bears" or "twinks", that would also hold true The majority of men prefer to bottom. That exclusive bottom boys complain that they want more men to be tops doesn't change the simple fact that a majority of guys out there prefer to bottom. And the sheer nastiness of some bottoms to other bottoms is risible There's a female cattiness to it If you look on Grindr or hook-up websites, you'll see bottoms going "if you're a bottom, don't waste my time" Tops can be a bit protective of their ass, as if the other top wanted to rape them, but it is all a lot more civil!

Bodybuilder threads always seem to attract a mental midget like R6 claiming that steroids shrink cocks. Steroids don't shrink cock, but going off them do if you abuse steroids your body starts to over produce estrogen. If go off them your body is producing almost no male hormones and a huge amount of estrogen. You get bitch tits and your dick and balls shrink. Aren't the words gay and bodybuilding a synonym. Seriously my gym is filled with these kids, and they are the weirdest most blatantly gay human beings that have ever gayed. Theyre also pretty awful people tbh. On the old muscleservice station board many years ago, any time pics of hot muscular porn stars spreading their cheeks were posted, some posters would term them "muscle cunts".

The money was intoxicating and i never looked back. The straight guys who cant deal with it simply dont escort. A lot of guys say they are straight but really are somewhat Bi. You;d be surprised what these 'straight' guys do.

First time i worked with another escort was this jacked beyond belief straight dude. I was so surprised i almost forgot to do my job. For those that are somewhat bothered by it, get over pretty quickly when they see the cash. I think just like the rest of us, the bodybuilder's outer appearance does not determine what goes on inside. I do know that not all G BB like to bottom, but I am personally grateful to the ones that do. Bottom line, G BB's are no more often bottoms than any other group, and just like the rest of us the motivations vary.

Its always about any ones esteem or penis size. Bodybuilders are not only usually bottoms, but really nasty, sleazy, greasy bottoms, too. I once cruised this tatted, lbs cholo fuckmachine, with a tiny needle dick, minuscule balls, but a muscled bubble butt with an incredibly deep crack and a hole so well used it sorta hung open.

We totally get it.

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